I´m going to write this down in case time doesn’t allow me to say it to you in person. Slow but steady. I don’t want it to be beautiful, I don’t want it to impress you. I’m just offering my help in case you need it and I’m already gone. I’m just your father, not a poet on a quest to conquer your heart. Here it comes baby, take some notes:

  1. Somewhere within yourself lives who you really are. Don’t you ever let that off your mind and don’t believe you are what others say you are if you don’t want to accidentally validate their opinion.
  2. As a general rule people are worth a lot (individually) if you act generously and sincerely.
  3. Masses are dangerous and wrong.
  4. Kindness can’t be pretended. It shows.
  5. Don’t expect anything from anybody. All good things that come from others will be unexpected and worth celebrating, but don’t count on it or plan on it.
  6. Feeling weak or unable to carry on is OK. But know it’s not true. You’re more than capable to carry on, otherwise you’d be dead. If you prove me wrong on this one please carve ‘My father was an asshole’ on my gravestone as a vengeance. It’s already paid for.
  7. Things will end up well if you behave honestly and generously but you will only realise this in the end. Until that moment just believe what I say and persist on that behavior.
  8. The most probable outcome is you`re not an overwhelmingly successful person at your job or hobby, but being passionate will take you much further than you would get by being a quitter. Keep that fire burning as best as you can.
  9. You get paid for what you produce. Thus, you won’t be able to gain access to goods or services beyond the amount you previously produced. If you want something luxurious you’ll need to produce twice that product’s value. It is a matter of talent and effort. Not everyone has those.
  10. If you are not a talented person or you are unable to sacrifice you better get used to a life without luxury.
  11. People better owe you a favor than owe you money.
  12. Absolutely everything changes .Don’t you cling to anything. Start working on your detachment abilities now. Needing someone means depending on someone and that will get you killed.
  13. Learn how to say NO even if it makes you look bad. That’s the only that way you will be able to exercise theoretical free will.
  14. Intuition is rational but unexplainable. Trust your intuitions.
  15. Think and plan as if you were going to lose but act as if you were going to win. You’d be making a fool of yourself if you do it the other way around.
  16. Settle while losing and risk while winning. The opposite makes no sense although is what people do, don’t ask me why. They hold while in down market positions and immediately sell as soon as the market starts to recover. Crazy, isn’t it?
  17. Don’t talk too much because if you do you’re only going to be asking for trouble and you’re not even going to be understood anyway.
  18. You need very few to live. Most of what you think you need is neither necessary nor worth all the effort you make to get it
  19. Don’t be afraid. Fear is a lousy counselor. Most of your suffering will be generated by things that will never get to actually happen.
  20. Don’t underestimate yourself. Don’t overestimate yourself. Actually, just don’t make self estimations at all.
  21. Don’t anticipate what’s coming next.
  22. Changes are sudden whether they are for better or for worse. They are drastic. You can’t be prepared for those.
  23. Don’t expect a life filled with action. Action comes every once in a while but it is an exception.
  24. People either love you or don’t. The latter are not all bad and fools. The former are not all good and smart.
  25. Love has a beginning and an end. The sooner you assume it the better. No drama.
  26. Wilfulness is useless. Wanting something really badly doesn’t make it possible or real. I presume Coelho will be dead by the time you read this but I hope you laugh at all the nonsense he wrote. As a comedian he was only second to Louie.
  27. Everyone thinks they’re smart above average, which is mathematically impossible. In real life math is infallible and half the people is dumber than the other half. There is a general lack of talent.
  28. Happiness comes not from fun but from inner peace. Inner peace comes from a clear conscience. A clear conscience comes from point 1.
  29. I’m almost certain there is an afterlife but not completely certain. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. And you are energy, a wave vibration. Mass is to matter what vibration is to energy.
  30. Don’t make big decisions on Fridays or Sundays. Decisions are to be made Wednesday’s at lunch time.
  31. Friends are only those who call because they want to see you. The rest are a different thing.
  32. People come and go. No worries. You will go too.
  33. Each life contains two or three tragic events and they have nothing to do with your actions. How you react when they come will transform you either into a stronger and more mature person or a miserable one.
  34. There are people who elevate you and people who sink you. Spend time with the former and avoid the latter.
  35. Seeking profit and following your interest is fair and morally acceptable. The opposite is suicidal and anti Darwinist. What’s immoral is to dispossess a person of their rational ability which is the same as their intelligence and their only weapon to survive. You are allowed to call evil whoever says seeking your own profit is evil.
  36. Being generous is compatible with point 35. Being generous means defending your interest. It turns out it’s more convenient to be good than to be evil.
  37. Evil people don’t know they are. They believe they are the good ones. We are the good ones and the good ones will prevail.
  38. Don’t forget those who believed in you and gave you opportunities. You owe them everything for your honor and that debt is eternal. You need to be up to the task when needed.
  39. Revolutions are events for savages. They never end up well and people die for no reason. There needs to be constant bit by bit changes.
  40. Growing up means realising there are bigger things than you.
  41. Intelligent people are able to defend one thing and its opposite. If you can’t understand your enemy you’ll never beat them.
  42. The ones that mistreat you are not worth a thing. Get out of there. There is no pleasure in punishment, domination or subjection
  43. Whatever you do you will be criticized and supported, but for the most part will be ignored so don’t ask for approval.
  44. Radical and extremist are not the same. You can be radically democrat for example. If you are sure about something you must be radical in your stance. Relativism will have failed by the time you read this.
  45. It’s not only probable but also sane of you to change your opinion. When it happens, admit it and don’t let arrogance freeze you in stances you no longer believe in.
  46. Buy and sell but never make. It’s too risky.
  47. Each and every person you meet is the sum of inherit fears from their past and hopes through which they look at their future. Analyze their hopes and fears and you will understand why they do what they do. If you want to shift them you must offer them a new motive based on those hopes and fears. Appeal to their emotion. Emotion leads to action; reason only leads to conclusions.
  48. Intelligent people adapt.
  49. Classism is bullshit. Elitism is not. You should not judge anybody for their race, gender, creed, sex orientation, economic level, etc… But what you should do is to separate yourself from idiots. We the “idiotphobic” rule.
  50. Don’t torment yourself too much: you won’t read your memoires.

(to be continued here)

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